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List of the Semester Theses completed in the last few years. The documents are only available at our institute library.

FS 2017

Henry Schulten: Signal Quality Assessment for Intracranial Pressure Recordings, sa201701

HS 2016

Robert Thorfason: Graph Cuts with NUV-EM and Gaussian Message Passing, sa201604
Hersche Michael: Automatic Ultrasound Tracing in Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity Recordings, sa201605
Matthias Heinzmann: Continuous-Time and Hybrid Kalman Filtering and Smoothing: New Implementations, sa201606
Cecilia D'Errico, Samuele Darani: Pidroponics:Automatic Hydroponic Cultivation with Pi(es), sa201607
Martin Lendi: Binary-Input Estimation for Linear Gaussian Model, sa201608
Zixuan Peng: Robust Click Sound Recognition in Background Noise Environment, sa201609
Kian Hunziker, Jonathan Kakon, Paul Lehmann: A Digital Modular Synthesizer, sa201610

FS 2016

Robert Graczyk: Hierarchical Input Estimation, sa201601
Julien Finaz: Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Inference on Graphical Models, sa201602
Michael Weigelt:
Click Sound Detection in Background Noise Environment, sa201603

HS 2015

Vijay Sahdeva: Marginal Backward Message Passing and Outlier Insensitive Kalmann Smoother, sa201504
Michael Jost: Reconstruction Algorithms for Computed 2-D Tomography, sa201505
Raphael Urs Keusch: Reconstructing Non-Uniformly Sampled Biosignals, sa201506
Armin Stierli: Outlier Insensitive Nonlinear Filtering and Smoothing, sa201507

FS 2015

Gabrielle Buytaert: Solving Superpositions with Sparse Input Estimation, sa201501
Michail Mylonakis: A study of Algorithms for System Identification, sa201502
Dario Walser: Sparse Input Estimation for Heart Beat Detection in Ballistocardiogram Recordings, sa201503

HS 2014

Désirée Clausen: Detection and Classification of Heart Valve Sounds from Two-Channel Measurements, sa201407
Florian Wassmer, Timon Künzle: Phase Noise Estimation, sa201408
Christoph Pfister: Optimal Task Encoders, sa201409
Vanessa Hunziker, Vincent Freiermuth: Inferring Mechanical Heart Condition from Sound Signals, sa201410
Clément  Luneau: Gesture Recognition from Magnetic Field Measurements: Extensions and Improvements, sa201411
David Carnal: A Heart Beat Detection Algorithm for Photoplethysmographic Signals, sa201412
Michail Mylonakis: Rényi and Shannon Entropies, sa201413

FS 2014

Patrick Murer: Localizing Model Switch by means of Local Statistical State-Space Models, sa201401
Samuel Welschen: Regularization in Kernel Methods for Regression, sa201402
Daniel Gilgen, Fabio Marti: Variations of Phase-Locked Loops for Harmonic-related Signals, sa201403
Alec Green: Signal Processing for XRF Spectroscopy, sa201404
Josef Ziegler: Analysis of a Simple Model for Molecular Communication Between Nano Devices in a Fluid, sa201405
George Negulescu: Spatially Coupled LDPC Codes, sa201406

HS 2013

Lars Palzer: Error Exponents for the Gaussian Channel with Intermittent Feedback, sa201308
Erik Hampus Malmberg: Kalman Filter-Based Phase-Locked Loops for Harmonic Signals, sa201309

FS 2013

Lukas Cavigelli, Pascal Alexander Hager: Phase-Locked Loops for Harmonic Signals, sa201301
Bojun Cheng: Emission Synthesizer for Road Traffic Noise, sa201302
Michael Tschannen, Markus Rempfler: Supervised Learning Algorithms for Vibration Signal Classification, sa201303
Christian Käslin: Frequency-Domain Methods for Adaptive Dynamometer Measurement Equalization, sa201304
Daniel Riegger: Signal Envelopes via Hilbert-Transform Inspired Models, sa201305
Patrick Murer, Christoph Pfister: "Pulswaage" - Heart Rate Monitoring with a Weighing Scale, sa201306
Gabriel Gräni: Projective Gaussian Message Passing, sa201307

HS 2012

Teutë Bunjaku, Andrea Schwaller: Heart Rate Estimation with a Weighing Scale, sa201208
Sarthak Gupta: Clustering by Gibbs Sampling, sa201209

FS 2012

Christopher Mollén: Pulse Detection with Online Likelihood Filtering, sa201201
Nour Zalmai: Parameter Estimation with the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers, sa201202
Kristoffer O.W. Nordström: Analog-to-Digital Conversion Using Unstable Filters Experimental Circuit, sa201203
Zuzana Gavorovà: Capacity Estimates of Optical Fiber Networks, sa201204
Chang Wang: Feedback and Cribbing in Multiple-Access Channels with Erasures, sa201205
Ismail Celebi: Code Construction and Decoding of Polar Codes, sa201206
Danny Luu: Detection of Noisy Pseudo-Periodic Signals, sa201207

FS 2011

Georg Hauzenberger: Rate-Distortion Bounds Using Hypothesis Testing Relative Entropy, sa201101
Annina Bracher: Average versus Maximal Probability of Error Criteria for Multiple Access Channels: A Polar Coding Approach, sa201102
Ekansh Anand: Identification of Force Sensors, sa201103
Martin Polak und Filipe Da Conçeicao Barata: Detection of Doppler Shifts in an Acoustic Environment with Moving Vehicles, sa201104
Santhiago A. Vieira: Learning Finite Gaussian Mixtures with Dirichlet Processes,

HS 2010

David Sutter: An Achievable Region for the Multiple-Access Channel with Feedback and a Common Message, sa201008
Thomas Laich
: Rate Distortion Funciton for a Gaussian Source with Two Distortions, sa201009

FS 2010

Andreas Malär: Rate Distortion Functions for Poisson Processes, sa201001
Christoph Bunte: Rewritable Memories with Cost Constraints, sa201002
Adrian Waeber: Reconstruction of Continuous-Time Filtered White Noise from Discrete-Time Observations with Application to Samplingrate Conversion, sa201003
Filip Gospodinov: On Fading Estimation from Noisy Observations, sa201004
Samuel Gähwiler: An Audio Engine for an Ambisonics Surround Sequencer, sa201005
Petrit Bunjaku: Dynamical Modeling, Estimation and Calibration of Force Sensors in Maschine Tool, sa201006
Matthias Flückiger: Wind Noise Synthesizer, sa201007

HS 2009

Diaz Juan Pablo Marin: Movement Detection with a 3D Camera: A Factor Graph Approach, sa200904
Gähwiler Samuel:
Reconstruction of Continuous-Time Filtered White Noise given Discrete-Time Observations with Application to Samplingrate Conversion, sa/200905

FS 2009

Boming Jin; Multi-Rate Random Network Coding for Minimum-Cost Multicasting, sa/200901
Juan PabloMarin Diaz: Random Matrices and Information Theory, sa/200902
Dominique Uebersax, Stefan Scheidegger: Pulse Localization with Hypothesis Testing, sa/200903
Christoph Bunde, Tony Wood, Thomas Laich: Pulse Localization with Hypothesis Testing, sa/200903

HS 2008

Ken Christen: Signal Class Filter with 2nd-Order Elements, sa/200805
Efe Aksuyek: Redundtant Matrices, sa/200806
Philippe Loeliger: Distributed Estimation in Wireless Networkds (coupled oscillators approach), sa/200808

FS 2008

Adrian Bärlocher: Autoregressive Filter Identification, sa/200801
Aldo Bazzi: Message Passing Through a Multiplier Node, sa/200802
Efe Aksüyek: Information Theory and Portfolio Management, sa/200803
Raphael Rolny: On the Capacity of Interference Networks at High SNR, sa/200804
Martin Baumgarter, Samuel Bögli: Gehoerschutz, ga

SS 2007

Patrizia Mottl: Evaluation of Randomly Generated Circuits, sem/200704.
Anh Tung Tran, Schekeb Fateh: Calibration Methods for DACs, sem/200705.
Vinodh Venkatesan: Optimality of Gaussian Inputs for a Multi-Access Achievable Rate Region, sem/200706.
Tobias Müller: Extracting the Heart Beat from Pressure Sensors, sem/200707.
Yinan Zhang: Extracting a Sinusoid from a Modulated Sensor Signal, sem/200708.

WS 2006/2007

Rahel Weber, Franziska Zbinden: Calibration Methods for ADCs and DACs, sem/200701.
Philip Herter: Audio Signal Reconstruction from Cochleagram, sem/200702.
Stefan Müller, Claudio Santelli: Generation of Biofeedback in Robot Aided Gait Rehabilitation, sem/200703.

SS 2006

Silvan Graf: Smart Fire Detection, sem/200605.
Thomas Hug, Mirco Rossi: Seismosomnography: Heartbeat Detection from Pressure Sensors, sem/200606.
Audrey Schaufelberger: EMG-Signal Decomposition using Factor Graphs: Noise Variance Estimation, sem/200607.
Florian Kind: Psychoakustische Bassverstärkung, sem/200608.
Pengyu Wu: Training Based Decoding Algorithms, sem/200609.
Wanfang Yan: Decoding of Shaped Codes and Lattices, sem/200610.

WS 2005/2006

Oliver Nagy: Numerical techniques for computing capacities of communications channels with memory, sem/200601.
Lukas Bolliger: EMG signal decomposition using factor graphs and message-passing algorithms with joint-Gaussian and discrete messages, sem/200602.
Samuel Braendle: Training Based Decoding Algorithms, sem/200603.
Martin Renold: Spike sorting of tetrode data and EMG signal decomposition using loopy belief propagation algorithms, sem/200604.

SS 2005

Georg Böcherer: Adaption von Filterkoeffizienten in einem EMG-Zerlegungsprogramm, sem/200505.
Wenjie Xu: Firm Lower Bounds on the Capacity of Non-Coherent Fading Channels, sem/200506.
Yves Kunz: Evaluation verschiedener EMG-Signal-Zerlegungsalgorithmen, sem/200507.
Tunc Ikikardes, Musa Parmaksiz: Numerical Examination of an Achievable Rate Region of the Multiple Access Gel'fand-Pinsker Channel, sem/200508.

WS 2004/2005

Christian Zimmermann: Entwicklung und Implementierung von A-Priori-Modellen zur Zerlegung von EMG-Signalen, sem/200501.
Pascal Wildbolz: Seismosomnography: Heartbeat Detection from Pressure Sensors, sem/200502.
Markus Wenk: Segmentierung von EMG-Signalen, sem/200503.
Vedran Galijas: Application of Generalized Belief Propagation to LFSR State Estimation, sem/200504.

SS 2004

Simon Dellenbach: Akustische Verkehrsklassierung, sem/200407.
Christian Rijke: Simulation of EMG Signals to Test Decomposition Algorithms (Medizinische Signalverarbeitung: Simulation von EMG-Signalen), sem/200408.
Conradin Merk: Seismosomnography: Heartbeat Detection using the Cardioballistic Effect, sem/200409.
Simon Schneiter: Störgeräuschbefreiung für Sprachsignale, sem/200410.
Peter Kaufmann: Pseudo-Noise Sequence Synchronization for GPS Signals, sem/200411.
Martin Byröd: Segmentation and Decomposition of EMG Signals, sem/200412.
Jatin Thukral: The Fading Number of the Ricean Fading Multiple-Access Channel, sem/200413.

WS 2003/2004

Martin Arnold: Adaptive Schätzung von AWGN-Kanalparametern, sem/200401.
Beat Kessler: Redundancy in Analog VLSI Soft-Decoders, sem/200402.
Andreas Ess, Tobias Gysi: Real-Time Signal Processing Tasks for RHWOS (Turbo Decoder on a Xilinx Virtex FPGA, sem/200403.
Rolf Grüninger: Optimization of an iterativ EMG signal decomposition algorithm, sem/200404.
Roland Abt, Marco Diefenbacher: Whisker-based obstacle avoidance in the AMouse project, sem/200405.
Adrienne Heinrich, Cornelia Setz: Switch in Hearing Instrument, sem/200406.

SS 2003

Tobias Koch: Continuous-time synchronization, sem/200301.
Samuel Bruhin, Benjamin Amsler: Zerlegung von überlagerten Muskelsignalen mittels Faktorgraphen, sem/200302.
Michael Gutmann: Mehrkanalige Verfahren zur Störgeräuschbefreiung in Hörgeräten II, sem/200303.
Simon Schilling: Detektion Seltener Klassen: Ein Vergleich Spezifischer Verfahren, sem/200304.
Yann Baud, Etienne Auger: Windgeräuschmodell mit Faktorgraphen, sem/200305.
Nicole Hediger, Clive Diethelm: Discrete-Time Synchronization, sem/200306.

SS 2002

Treichler Jürg: Simulation of Analog Decoders, sem/200204.
Peter Stéphane, Peitz Oliver: Klassierung von Verkehrslärm, sem/200205.
Trösch Florian: Optimizing Antenna Arrays Using Genetic Algorithms, sem/200206.
Wernli Erwann, Sauterel Fabrice: Echtzeit-Filter als cubase VST PlugIn, sem/200207.
Bürgin Felix, Pfisterer Franziska: QRS-Erkennung zur automatischen Arrhythmic-Analyse, sem/200208.

WS 2001/2002

Killer Mirjam , Schurtenberg Marco: Spectral Feature Extraction Using CNNs for Fingerprint Recognition, sem/200201.
Schilter Roman, Rüegg Maurice: Fingerprint Alignment Using Cellular Neural Networks, sem/200202.
Berger Oskar: Binaurale Ansätze zur Störgeräuschbefreiung in Hörgeräten II, sem/200203.

SS 2001

Michael Koller: Klassierung von Verkehrslärm, sem/200104.

WS 2000/2001

Peter Oertig: Blinde Phasensynchronisation, sem/200101.
Philipp Zehnder: Blind and Semi-blind Equalization of Wireless Channels, sem/200102.
Guiseppe Acunto, Miquel Sans: Klassierung von Verkehrslärm, sem/200103.

SS 2000

Philipp Förster, Rainer Möbus: Image Enhancement with Cellular Neural Networks, sem/200003.
Frank Herzog: Anwendung Neuronaler Netze: Bestimmung des Bewölkungsgrades, sem/200004.
Rolf Sigg: Dekodierung langer Codes, sem/200005.
Thomas Singer: On the capacity of a very dirty tape, sem/200006.

WS 1999/2000

Philippe Messmer, Michael Birchler: Fingerprint Recognition with Cellular Neural Networks: Preprocessing, sem/200001.
Matthias U. Frey: The (24,14,6) Wagner Code, sem/200002.

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