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List of the Master Theses completed in the last few years. The documents are only available at our institute library.

HS 2016

Elizabeth Ren: Multi-channel Information Processing for Fire Detection and Classification, ma/8806
Dario Walser: Non-invasive Intracranial Pressure Estimation, ma/8807

FS 2016

Michael Purghart: Cascaded Analog-to-Digital Conversion for Bandpass Sampling, ma/8801
Vijay Sahdeva: Numerically Stable and Efficient Variations of Message Passing in Linear Gaussian State Space Models, ma/8802
Raphael Keusch: Blind Signal Separation by Automatic State Space Model Selection and Learning, ma/8803
Timon Samuel Künzle: A State-Space Approach to Multi-Channel Source Locatization, ma/8804
Michail Mylonakis: Capacity Bounds for the MIMO Free-space Optical Intensity Channel, ma/8805

HS 2015

Clément Luneau: Tomographic Reconstruction by Scalar Gaussian Message Passing, ma/8704

FS 2015

Désie Clausen: Source Localization of Cardiac Depolarization from Multi-Channel Esophageal ECG Recordings, ma/8701
Andreas Thomas Büchel: Gesture Recognition using Accelerometer and Gyroscope Measurements, ma/8702
Patrick Murer: Implementation of a Staircase Code for Optical Communication, ma/8703

FS 2014

Christian Käslin: Gesture Recognition on Smartphone with Likelihood Filtering, ma/8601,
Erik Hampus Malmberg:
Sparse Bayesian Learning for Blind Deconvolution, ma/8602
Salomon Diether: Blind Reverberation Time Estimation From Speech, ma/8603

FS 2013

Ismail Celebi: Adaptive Filtering with MIMO Crosstalk Cancellation, ma/8501

FS 2012

Dinu Kaufmann: Model-based Fire Detection with Gas sensors, ma/8401
Bracher Annina: Cribbing, Conferencing, Feedback, and State-Information on the Multiple-Access Channel, ma/8402
David Sutter: Achieving the Capacity of any DMC using only Polar Codes & Fault-Tolerant Quantum Reed-Muller Coding, ma/8403
Filipe Barata: Adaptive Filtering with Applications to Force Sensor Signals, ma/8404
Thomas Laich: The Kaspi/Heegard-Berger Problem with an Informed Encoder, ma/8405
Nour Zalmai: Likelihood Filtering for Pulse Detection and Pulse Learning, ma/8406

HS 2011

Sarah Neff: Robust Feature Extraction from Vibration Signals, ma/8305
Simon Würgler:
Learning and Detetion of Sparse Pulses with Application to Acoustic Diagnosis, ma/8306

FS 2011

Christoph Bunte: Computing the Capacita of Discrete Rewritable Memories, ma/8301
Petrit Bunjaku: Splitting Large State-Space Models, ma/8302
Matthias Flückiger: Interaction in Loudspeaker Arrays with Shared Enclosures, ma/8303
Samuel Gähwiler: Pattern Recognition with Hierarchical Likelihood Filters, ma/8304

HS 2010

Jin Boming: Model-based Fire Detection with SGFET Gas Sensors, ma/8205
Daniel Baumann: Correction of Clock Jitter Using Factor Graphs, ma/8206
Andreas Malär: Source Coding with Reconstruction Constraints, ma/8207
Adrian Waeber: Pulse Detection Using Factor Graphs with Application to Assessment of Micropollutant Loads in Wastewater, ma/8208
David Sele: Drilling Tools Defect Detection and Classification from Vibration Signals, ma8209

FS 2010

Brückner Matthias: Diagnosis of Defects in Loudspeakers, ma/8201
Raphaël Jecker:
Automatic Digital Model Creation of Analog Audio Units, ma/8202
Juan Pablo Marin Diaz: Signal Modeling With Likelihood Computations and Popper Complexity, ma/8203
Shahab Asoodeh: Feedback Coding Strategies for Channel Capacity Per Unit Cost, ma/8204

FS 2009

Adrian Bärlocher: Signal Class Filter with 2nd-Order Gaussian Models, ma/8101
Christian Schürch:
The Multiple-Access Channel with Feedback and a Common Message, ma/8102

Giovanni Sabato: Simulation-Based Techniques to Study Two-Dimensional
ISI Channels and Constrained Systems,

HS 2008

Marcel Favini: Acoustic Headtracking, ma/8004
Jonas Sonnenmoser: Akustiksensor, ma/8005

FS 2008

Adrian Bärlocher: Autoregressive Filter Identification, ma/7904
Reza Moosavi: Blind Separation of Filtred Spike Signals, ma/8001
Vinodh Venkatesan: On Low Power Capacity of the Poisson Channel, ma/8002
Thomas Loser: Equalization for WCDMA/HSDPA Receiver, ma/8003

HS 2007

Franziska Zbinden: Statistische Methoden für die Wettervorhersage, ma/7901
Nico Bernold: LDPC Decoding in Cryptography, ma/7902
Rahel Weber, Thomas Hug: Diagnosis of Defects in Loudspeakers, ma/7903
Samuel Braendle: A Watershed Algorithm with Shape Constraints, ma/7904
Wu Pengyu: Equalization for WCDMA/HSDPA Receiver, ma/7905
Thomas Peter: High-Rate Optical Communication with Pulse Overlap PPM, ma/7906
Michael Schatt: Robust Modulation for Optical Communication of Service Data with Puls Beacon Laser, ma/7907
Reto Pieren: Verwendung von Musiksignalen zur Bestimmung raumakustischer Parameter, ma/7908

SS 2007

Karin Weinmann: Feedback Cancelling using Multiple Microphones, dip/7807.
Matthias Grüter: Adaptation/Calibration of Analog Filter - Extended, dip/7808.

WS 2006/2007

Christian Lüthi: Seismosomnography: A Factor Graph Approach, dip/7801.
Lukas Kuhn: Feedback Suppression in Hearing Aids: Affine Projection Algorithm, dip/7802.
Georg Boecherer: The Discrete Noiseless Channel, dip/7803.
Lukas Bolliger, Matthias Grüter: Adaptation/Calibration of Analog Filter, dip/7804.
Ivo Trajkovic: High data-rate pulse position modulation for optical communication, dip/7805.
Georg Wilckens: Exploring the Minka Rule for CDMA/IDMA, dip/7806.

SS 2006

Shi Ting Jia: Calibration Methods for ADCs and DACs, dip/7704.
Nadim El Guindi: Robust telephone detection in monaural and binaural hearing instruments, dip/7705.
Roman Hauser, Roman Stampfli: Calculation and optimization of the setting of a robotized line array, dip/7706.

WS 2005/2006

Christoph Reller: Bio-Inspired Analog-to-Digital Conversion, dip/7701.
Michel Krebs: Spectral Analysis of Finite-State Codes, dip/7702.
Ligong Wang: On Non-Coherent Fading Channels at Low SNR, dip/7703.

SS 2005

Johan Peterson: Biomedical signal processing: estimation and tracking of filter coefficients in electromyography, dip/7602.
Daniel Furrer: Design of a Big Analog Decoder, dip/7603.

WS 2004/2005

Marco Diefenbacher, Roland Abt: Akustische Verkehrsklassierung, dip/7601.

SS 2004

Markus Leuthold: Ear canal transfer function estimation, dip/7503.

WS 2003/2004

Benjamin Amsler, Samuel Bruhin: Zerlegung von EMG Signalen mittels graphischen Modellen und iterativen Algorithmen, dip/7501.
Tobias Koch: On the Prelog of MISO Fading Channels, dip/7502.

SS 2003

Nicolas Cedraschi: Computing Information Rates of Channels with Phase Noise, dip/7410.
Wim Meerschman: Signal Processing in Wearable Computing Systems using Factor Graphs, dip/7411.

WS 2002/03

Schilter Roman: Mehrkanalige Verfahren zur Störgeräuschbefreiung in Hörgeräten, dip/7401.
Irnberger Wolfgang: Speech Enhancement with Factor Graphs, dip/7402.
Galli Markus: Klassierung von Verkehrslärm, dip/7403.
Leimgruber Siegfried: Vorhersage extremer Wetterereignisse: Anwendung neuronaler Netze und Informationstheorie, dip/7404.
Wigger Michele: Bounds on the Capacity of Free-Space Optical Communication Channels, dip/7405.
Pfisterer Franziska: Wid noice canceling for hearing instruments, dip/7406.
Kempin Katrin: Bewegungsdetektion mit digitaler Signalauswertung, dip/7407.
Schlegel Max Wilhelm: Adaptive Algorithmen zur Branderkennung, dip/7408.
Guignard Thomas: L'orgue de verre, dip/7409.

SS 2002

Weber Michael: Informationstheorie und neuronale Netze: Bestimmung der Grenzen der lokalen Wetterprognose, dip/7304.

WS 2001/2002

Rankov Boris, Lenz Daniel: Bounds on the Capacity of Poisson Channels, dip/7301.
Koller Michael: Binaurale Ansätze zur Störgeräuschbefreiung in Hörgeräten I, dip/7302.
Koeppel Gaudenz: Entwicklung und Aufbau einer Messeinrichtung zur Bestimmung der Einflüsse von Durchbrüchen auf die Schalldämmung von Trennwänden, dip/7303.

SS 2001

Thierry Koenigsberger: Pattern Classification: Detektion und Spezifikation von Class Overlap Regions und Class Outliers, dip/7208.

WS 2000/2001

Gero Heidelberger: Iterative Methods for Blind Equalizations, dip/7201.
Thomas Zwicker: Anwendung von Neuro-Fuzzy Systemen: Detektion überlappender Klassen, dip/7202.
Moritz Ritter: Anwendung von Neuro-Fuzzy Systemen: Boosting für die Wettervorhersage, dip/7203.
Philippe Messmer: Cellular Neural Networks: Image Data Pattern Recognition, dip/7204.
Philipp Foerster: Digital Signal Processing for Acoustics, dip/7205.
Matthias Frey: Analog Circuitry, dip/7206.
Joel Niederhauser: Prediction of Epileptic Seizures based on Dept-EEG, dip/7207.

WS 1999/2000

Gabriel Hauser, Marco Dübendorfer: Robuste Spracherkennung am Beispiel einer Pflegebetten-Steuerung, dip/7101.
Büeler Reto: Neuronale Netzwerke: Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie versus Fuzzy-Logic , dip/7102.
Erik Svensson, Daniel Hösli: Turbo-Kodes für magnetische Festplatten, dip/7103.
Alex Koster, Tobias Geyer: Time-scale and pitch modification of Speech, dip/7104.
Gennaro Lanzetta: Soft-Input / Soft-Output Sequential Decoding, dip/7105.
Aydin R. Bülent: Fingerprint Recognition with Cellular Neural Networks: Feature Extraction , dip/7106.





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