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List of the PhD Dissertations completed in the last few years. The theses may be downloaded from the ETH Library.

Annina Bracher: Identification and Zero-Error Codes, disseth/23698, 2016.

Sarah Neff: A New Approach to Information Processing with Filters and Pulses, disseth/23672, 2016.

Christian Schürch: On Successive Cancellation Decoding of Polar Codes and Related Codes, disseth/23608, 2016.

Lukas Bruderer: Input Estimation and Dynamical System Identification: New Algorithms and Results, disseth/22575, 2015.

Yu Jiun-Hung: A Partial-Inverse Approach to Decoding Reed-Solomon Codes and Polynomial Remainder Codes, disseth/22201, 2014.

Bunte Christoph: Error-Free Source and Channel Coding with Lists, disseth/21888, 2014.

Wilckens Georg: A New Perspective on Analog-to-digital Conversion of Continuous-time Signals, disseth/21292, 2013.

Biveroni Jonas: On A/D Converters with Low-Precision Analog Circuits and Digital Post-Correction, disseth/20629, 2012.

Reller Christoph: State-Space Methods in Statistical Signal Processing: New Ideas and Applications, disseth/20584, 2012.

Bolliger Lukas: Digital Estimation of Continuous-Time Signals Using Factor Graphs, disseth/20123, 2012.

Rama Satyanarayana Murti Devarakonda Vemkata: Joint Matched Filtering, Decoding, and Timing, disseth/19882, 2011.

Wang Ligong: Information-Theoretic Aspects of Optical Communications, disseth/19708, 2011.

Degen Thomas: Portable devices for mobile Health Monitory, disseth/19640, 2011.

Ostojic Maya: Multitree Search Decoding of Linear Codes, disseth/19108, 2010.

El Mechat M'Hamed-Ali: Statistial Range Estimation for Optical Time-of-Flight 3D Imaging, disseth/18989, 2010.

Koch Tobias: On Heating Up and Fading in Communication Channels, disseth/18339, 2009.

Tinguely Stéphane: Transmitting Correlated Sources over Wireless Networks, disseth/18112, 2009.

Wigger Michèle Angela: Cooperation on the Multiple-Access Channel, disseth/17991, 2008.

Junli Hu: On Gaussian Approximations in Message Passing Algorithms with Application to Equalization, disseth/17804, 2008.

Koch Volker Maximillian: A Factor Graph Approach to Model-Based Signal Separation, disseth/17038, 2007.

Natalia Miliou: On Error Exponents for Fading Channels and Network Coding for Wireless Networks, disseth/16980, 2007.

Frey Matthias U.: On Analog Decoders and Digitally Corrected Converters, disseth/16536, 2006.

Dauwels Justin Henri Germaine: On Graphical Models for Communications and Machine Learning: Algorithms, Bounds, and Analog Implementation, disseth/16365, 2006.

Hösli Daniel: On the Role of the Line-of-Sight Component in Coherent MIMO Ricean Channels, disseth/16284, 2006.

Korl Sascha: A Factor Graph Approach to Signal Modelling, System Identification and Filtering, disseth/16170, 2005.

Hofbauer Markus: Optimal Linear Separation and Deconvolution of Acoustical Convolutive Mixtures, disseth/15989, 2005.

Merkli Patrick: Message-Passing Algorithms and Analog Electronic Circuits, disseth/15942, 2005.

Moser Stefan Michael: Duality-Based Bounds on Channel Capacity, disseth/15769, 2005.

Gao Qun: Fingerprint Verification using Cellular Neural Networks, disseth/15152, 2003.

Vontobel Pascal Olivier: Algebraic Coding for Iterative Decoding, disseth/14961, 2003.

Arnold Dieter: Computing Information Rates of Finite-State-Models with Application to Magnetic Recording, disseth/14760, 2003.

Kretzschmar Ralf: A Survey of Neural Network Classifiers for Local Wind Prediction, disseth/14538, 2002.

Lippuner Daniel: Model-Based Step-size Control for Adaptive Filters, disseth/14461, 2002.

Mathis Heinz: Nonlinear functions for blind Separation and Equalisation, disseth/14313, 2001.

Erne Markus: Signal Adaptive Audio Coding using Wavelets and Rate Optimization, disseth/13883, 2000.

Wellig Peter: Zerlegung von Langzeit-Elektromyogrammen zur Prävention von arbeitsbedingten Muskelschäden, disseth/13881, 2000.

Lustenberger Felix: On the Design of Analog VLSI Iterative Decoders, disseth/13879, 2000.

Schmid Hanspeter: Single-Amplifier Biquadratic MOSFET-C Filters, disseth/13878, 2000.

von Hoff Thomas: On the Convergence of Blind Separation and Deconvolution, disseth/13846, 2000.

Joho Marcel: A Systematic Approach to Adaptive Algorithms for Multichannel System Identification, Inverse Modeling, and Blind Identification, disseth/13783, 2000.

Wyrsch Sigi: Adaptive Subband Signal Processing for Hearing Instruments, disseth/13577, 2000.PhD Dissertations



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